What-if Econ is a newsletter series associated with What-if Economics, curated by Shereein Saraf. This weekly feature will help anyone who wants to dive deeper into economics and related social sciences.

What to Expect?

My website consists of three sections - (a)politicaldevelopment, and conceptual. I am trying to add and experiment with new ideas, apart from the weekly articles, within these sub-fields only. 

A Short NoteYou may have read some of these topics in textbooks, at least if you are an economics major. Then, this column is definitely for you as it will provide you with a fresh perspective. But, you may be someone new to economics, wanting to learn more about it, then, again, the weekly article will provide you with a starting point, and the references within them will help you gain further insights. 

When to Expect?

Right now, I foresee sending out a newsletter every Friday. If there any changes to the plan, I will be sure to inform you all.

A Little About Me

I am a student of economics interested in development economics. I have created this page to organize and structure my thoughts on academic literature in economics. So, you can expect scholarly concepts explained in a lucid form, with minimal use of graphs and equations. 

What I Aim to Achieve?

My goal is to build a community of readers and engage in discussions with them. I highly encourage you to write to me on my email, preferably, with your suggestions and feedback, if any. I am happy to answer any queries and work on your ideas for my future posts.

In the time being, be sure to visit my website and browse through my published work. 

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